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    By 1850, the House of Rothschild represented more wealth than all the families of Europe. Shortly after he formed the Bank of England, William Patterson lost control of it to Nathan Rothschild and here is how he did it:

    “Nathan Rothschild was an observer on the day the Duke of Wellington defeated Napoleon at Waterloo, Belgium. He knew that with this information he could make a fortune. He later paid a sailor a big fee to take him across the English Channel in bad weather. The news of Napoleon’s defeat would take a while to hit England. When Nathan arrived in London, he began selling securities and bonds in a panic. The other investors were deceived into believing that Napoleon won the war and was eyeing England so they began to sell their securities too. What they were unaware of is that Rothschild’s agents were buying all the securities that were being sold in panic. In one day, the Rothschild fortune grew by one million pounds. They literally bought control of England for a few cents on the dollar. The same way the Rockefeller’s went into Japan after World War 2 and bought everything 10 cents on the dollar. SONY=Standard Oil New York, a Rockefeller Company.”

    — Dr. Ken Matto (History of Lies, Thievery, and Deceit)

Sources of Low Frequency Radiation – Bye Bye Blue Sky

July 18, 2017By Suzanne MaherSources of Low Frequency RadiationWe are besieged daily with various kinds of frequencies. This is playing havoc with our immune system which is not equipped to deal with the oscillations these frequencies create.  The earth’s brain waves or brain cavity if y Source: Sources of Low…


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Protect Your Privacy from Hackers, Google and the Deep State – 4 Tools

  You NEED these 4 tools to protect your online privacy. Privacy – ˈprīvəsē’ – noun: privacy – the state or condition of being free from being observed or disturbed by other people. Seclusion. Solitude. Isolation. Freedom from disturbance, freedom from interference, the state of being free from public attention.……